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Results of in-between round 178b

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Winner: Carey Addict
# Player name Home town Country Net worth
1. Carey AddictDelta IslandDelta Island231,700.41
X Delbert FuelDelta IslandDelta Island82,590.14
X Nelda SawDelta IslandDelta Island53,220.53
X Mossie FeedDelta IslandDelta Island38,014.45
X Gerard ClubDelta IslandDelta Island9,125.74
X Rocio DegreeDelta IslandDelta Island-2,460.46
X Emma McPlayerDelta IslandDelta Island-3,284.32
X Loren BorrowerDelta IslandDelta Island-4,817.73
X Dangelo TreesDelta IslandDelta Island-8,766.39
X Buford DiamondDelta IslandDelta Island-10,078.37
X Lionel DegreeDelta IslandDelta Island-11,244.45
X Raquel TouristDelta IslandDelta Island-13,424.85
X Alexane ExporterDelta IslandDelta Island-13,734.74
X Randy RoundDelta IslandDelta Island-15,772.77
X Lucas PhoneDelta IslandDelta Island-16,868.42
X Brandy DiamondDelta IslandDelta Island-19,494.52
X Mable GoldDelta IslandDelta Island-20,751.98
X Gene KingDelta IslandDelta Island-21,241.49
X Thelma TreeDelta IslandDelta Island-21,947.54
X Odie WarehouseDelta IslandDelta Island-25,102.88
X Florida BombDelta IslandDelta Island-27,977.96
X Pauline HometownDelta IslandDelta Island-31,616.28
X Peter FuelDelta IslandDelta Island-35,520.49
X Nicklaus EditorDelta IslandDelta Island-36,041.78
X Otto GoldDelta IslandDelta Island-46,826.32
X Isac FarmerDelta IslandDelta Island-47,435.64
X Kyla HometownDelta IslandDelta Island-60,150.23
X Minerva CashDelta IslandDelta Island-61,012.35
X Serenity CheaterDelta IslandDelta Island-65,480.61
X Kim PlasticDelta IslandDelta Island-69,894.57
X Percy FarmerDelta IslandDelta Island-74,528.63
X Emmalee FuelDelta IslandDelta Island-92,509.46
X Carley OfficerDelta IslandDelta Island-109,283.27
X Noelia VentureDelta IslandDelta Island-127,007.68
X Parker LandlordDelta IslandDelta Island-151,455.97
X Prudence ProfessionDelta IslandDelta Island-202,797.24
X Wilhelm McPlayerDelta IslandDelta Island-296,571.93
There is no active round. On Saturday 24 August the next round starts.